Roadtrip: November Episode 1

This is rather a long rant about the two different trips on the same road, same destination that I took in this month. One with my work spouses and other with my beloved spouse/travel companion/bestie ms sil. It’s noteworthy to mention that, I was the one behind and on the wheels in both the trips. Both the road trips were Pune – South Goa and back.

Tour 1

It was indeed an important gateway for the team after closing an important milestone of angel funding round. Now I don’t really know if raising money is a milestone that one should brag about or not. But after struggling to start something that sees the day light for past 2.5 years, the event of closing the round certainly brought a momentary joy to me. I finally have something to brag about, in front of parents at least. Coming from a middle-class family and yet dropping out of engineering school, I keep looking for work-life milestones that I can brag about in front of family members (luckily, I only have two).

In meantime, I have taken few so-called risky decisions (I don’t see them that way) at work. Some famous business dude’s advice of creating multiple revenue channels has left an impression in mind, which makes me take crazy decisions. So, I will tell you something about the most difficult part about creating these multi-revenue career plan at a nascent stage of career – multiple work spouses. While some of us struggle with keeping one spouse happy at home, you can imagine the effort involved in maintaining multiple work relationships.

The first trip with my colleagues was the first-of-its-kind bachelor’s trip for me. 5 of us, in a car from Pune, with different objectives about this weekend gateway. The thing about post-Diwali trips to Goa is, People! They are everywhere! Roads, resorts, pubs, beaches all are full of overjoyed, overexcited and not-to-mention careless rats. Our halt was Calangute, the part of Goa that I hate and the part of Goa that my colleagues love. I hate the trips where the motive of majority of co-passengers is, to drink, put on desi beats in high volume and jump like other monkeys from different parts of India. Thank to love of Goa and my consistent efforts, it lasted just for a day. We drove down to South Goa the next day (Agonda to be more specific).

I love sea, beach and the entire coastal line. I just love to sit on the resting chair, listen to the seashore along with a couple of beer. I can do this all day long and I was trying hard to do it during the entire trip. Except, this time I was with little immature (when it comes to traveling) colleagues. I was literally babysitting them all the time. As much as I love being the organizer of the tour, this time it turned out to be a curse for me. I consider myself as a very patient individual and it’s rather the most important quality when it comes to long-distance travel. On the other hand, my colleagues turned out to be quite impatient travelers. When you are traveling in a group, you have to derive at the median of different choices, interests and preferences. Which becomes very difficult when you have a control freak in the group. I was carrying couple of them with me. Another thing about the popular travel destinations is, almost each one from the group has visited it in past that makes each one an expert in their unique own way. This confusing travel preferences lead to anger and disappointments.

Although majority part of the trip was spent in babysitting my colleagues, one thing that I enjoyed the most is, driving through twisty, curvy ghat roads. The learnings from the trip were priceless as I discovered quite a few things. One important being, the other side of my colleagues. I have never spent days and nights with other people. 3 of them are 30+, 2 of them married for quite sometime and not too mention, all them are quite elder to me. When you spend 8+ hours on a road, drunk and in a same car, you tend to open up and make confessions that you wish you never had. I never thought I will ever get to learn anything about human beings that will surprise me or leave me in shock. This trip was full of priceless learnings about  polygamy, screwed up relationships, wrong biological knowledge, misleading advices, professional ambitions and attitude. I would go into the detailed learnings in another post but to sum it up, what I learnt left me stunned. At the same time, it helped me understand what I would truly want in life and list of things to avoid.


Another important thing that I learnt was about the vehicle. Although I am true nomad motorcycle traveler, there are times in life when I am tempted to get a new car. I drove my colleague’s high-end sedan (in Indian standards) for 1100 kms. I love being behind the wheel but, getting inside the sedan, sitting in low-height (although I am short) position for 8+ hours and pressing the goddamn hard clutch was a packaged nightmare. It helped me understand that, if I ever invest in a car, automatic urban SUV would be a right fit for me. While my colleagues were splurging money at Casino, I met with a young tech entrepreneur doing remarkworthy stuff in Goa on last day of the trip. To sum it up, it was full of good, bad, ugly memories, learnings and test of my patience.

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