A Letter To Mr Sil


Every trip we take, puts a whole of different sense into me. To be honest, I never believed that travelling in car and on motorcycle is any different. But after these 2200 kms on bike, I truly realised the difference. A couple of months ago I had read an article on quora which was written by a physics professor saying, ” If you’re not able to judge a person; if you’re really confused in choosing a soul mate, just backpack and leave. Leave on a long tour, full of adventures. Push yourself totally out of your comfort zone along with your partner. The way your partner will behave and treat you in the worst of times will be the best chance to know his/her true character and genuine feelings towards you.” And my love, this trip totally proves it. 

I’m not trying to flatter you at all, but with every passing moment, you kept impressing me beyond limits. It’s been almost over 8 years we know each other and we have been with one another and still I get to see a different talent in you every time. That amuses me beyond universe. And I mean that. A very few incidents in life are epic, memorable as never before and HAVING YOU IN MY LIFE IS ONE OF THEM. Not throwing a vague guess, but you’re the ONLY ONE I can think of. Conquering your fears (specially the one which have been haunting you since childhood) is the biggest success in one’s life. You, your presence, your involvement in my life has helped me overcome my childhood fear. As I grew up watching my mom dad, the way they behave, their lifestyle, their nature – I swear I was really scared of leading such a life. It always made me think – “What if I get a partner who doesn’t synchronise with me? With my passions? My needs? My goals? What if he doesn’t understand my heart? Will I ever be able to be truly myself with him?” 

I say I must have done really good deeds; really really good deeds to get a partner like you. Whatever relation I name is less to describe our bond. You’re a friend, a colleague, a best friend, travel partner, crime partner, dance partner, beer partner, ride partner, my lover, my soul mate. Not exaggerating honey, but you’re my CONSCIENCE. The inner voice I get every time is you. The bash of energy who wakes me up every morning is you. The charm I carry all day long is you. The fierce character I carry within me during work out is you. My laughter is you. My cute all-time-changing expression is you. My confidence is you. My respect is you. Me is you. It’s like we’ve surrendered our souls to each other. 

Coming back to our kutch trip, I salute your confidence within us and universe too. No one would dare to ride these many kms with a pillion rider, who also happens to be your lover. I just cannot stop thinking about the way you plan each and every step with proper research and also analyse where all did we go wrong. Beside this, the most important part is the way you understand my needs, my bodily actions and accept them. The way you can be so flexible even in your planned frame is heart touching. You totally understand where to be little rigid and when can you afford to be totally flexible. 

I totally understand there are few things that I do, doesn’t make any sense to you, like clicking dozens of pics or me going all gaga over certain things. Most importantly, me not understanding the value of money. I seriously don’t understand what’s really worth and what isn’t. But love, I can surely promise you  to amend myself and train for the same. I get a gush of emotions when you actually tell me to sleep when I’m super sleepy on pillion seat and you manage to take all my weight, along with bags and still manage your ergonomics and speed of the bike. Moreover, the trust and faith you carry within me, makes me do things. Never had I dared to ride 380 kms on a highway flooded with trucks and unpredictable traffic. Never had I even thought of making this trip on bike. 

Hee trip aau kade pan na bholthi babu.

This trip, my life, will be cherished for lifetime. And our lives will be cherished for ever love. Forever and ever, Amen. 

I love you to the kutch ka moon and back, 

Toji Ms Sil..  🙂 :*

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