Traveling Without Her!

Been a long time since the last post. Many pending tasks in my to-do list. I turned 21 in the last month. Ms Silveronika gave me a grand birthday surprise. I will take my own sweet time to write about the whole birthday bash.

It’s a sunny day here. I am off to Goa, on a business trip. Writing this post from airport waiting lounge. I might finish it by end of the day. First thing that strikes me is, this is a business trip. Who in the world travels to Goa on business!

Another thing that’s hurting me since the day this trip was planned is, I am traveling without my better half. To most, it may not be a big deal but, not the same case here. I and Ms Silveroika started exploring our quench for travel together. We developed the love for traveling and nurtured it together. We explore new places, new roads, new people and we explore eachother at new people. It’s amusing how you get to learn new things about your loved one at new places. We both are great fan of water body. Specially sea water and beach. One reason could be, easily accessible location. We live in 100 km radius of sea. Visiting a beach is just 3 hours by road for us.

Traveling reminds me of romance. We are darn too romantic, like cheesy romantic when we are backpacking. I like it, she likes it and we don’t give fuck to rest of the world. In a world where marriages crumble away quicker than ever, relationships rarely last longer than a few months and lovers fuck each other with a mindless, animal lust, but hardly ever make love to each other – romance is all but dead. We make love, every single time, it’s never been an animal lust attraction. We consider ourselves lucky and feel great about it. 

I am staying in a luxury resort here. Materialistic things sure are attractive, at the first sight at least. Although the attraction has never lasted for more than couple of hours but, I get in a zone and reimagine the whole situation with Ms Silveronika in it. Some people envy by materialistic luxury, some people enjoy the materialistic luxury, I get inspired by the materialistic luxury. I see a couple enjoying in the jacuzzi pool and feel inspired, not jealous. Time to sign off.


The Chemistry…Her Smile!

Have you ever got drunk with someone’s words? Feeling the ache while consuming them? Words crawling into your heart compressing it and squeezing. Not necessarily the purpose but, like a consequence. Have you ever gotten lost in someone’s eyes? Like they are some blue sky or ocean and you long for it and once they are yours, you just sink in it, ‘till they stop staring at you’? Have you ever been in a such brutal love bond? It becomes a shield in reality. You can feel it, touch it and yet, you yearn for more…

Love is a funny thing you know. If you have ever experienced this level of love, you are a lucky one. I, sincerely, believe that both me and miss silveronika are! We feel blessed, it’s how I feel right now. Drunk, lost & in love!

Someone asked me long back, ‘What’s do you like the most in her?’ I answered, ‘her smile’. Making her smile..Somehow, it’s my favorite thing to do. The simple act of affinity means the entire world to me. I can descry her smile and laughter. The sound made by joy mingled with an impulse. When my eye catches her cheeks upturning and blushing, it gives me eternal happiness. Simple…Artless…Unintentional!

‘What’s so special about her?’ She makes me see things I wouldn’t see alone. She makes my heart and soul smile. Just watching her upturning cheeks and my love for her is returned, equally! Physically we are some distance apart from each other. Distance is just a word now, not a war. I commit my soul to her, intrepidly. Distance is just a choice I make everyday because, she makes my soul smile and heart blossom with joy. That equally applies to her as well. That’s why we are together. I am counting the hours till I get to see her. Again and again! I see her when I close my eyes, she kissing the crinkles in her eyes when she smiles at me. For me, I am her poet and she is my poem. I love us!


– Mr Silveronika




In thy shelter,thee lay;
Thou walk there in a spiny way,
Struggling hard and hard each day,
Just to get thee by thy bay,
In thy shelter,thee lay;
They say nothing is difficult to gain,
If it’s mixed up with some pain,
And then shall we leave in our train,
In thy shelter,thee lay;
I’ll stick to you and you’ll hold on me,
While they’ll be amazed to see,
That our love is deeper than a sea,
In thy shelter,thee lay!


Hey folks! I would love to post my first article on the amazing date of this ending year – 20.12.20 13 

Though I created this blog long ago, I really couldn’t find an appropriate occasion to post anything in my busy medical schedule. I find today is the perfect day to inaugurate my blog – Silveronika. 

To begin with, I would love to give you a clue about the hidden meaning behind this name – Silveronika! Well, it’s a combination of my name and my love’s. You’ll come to know about the details with passing time! 😉 

I’m first year dental student who is quite interested in writing, mostly poetries and articles related to anything and everything. Along with writing, I love travelling and photography. Exploring all the hidden and isolated places on this globe is one of my craziest dreams. Rest of my time is occupied by my bulky dental books!! 

So, in a nutshell, I’m gonna post poems, articles, my travelling experiences and beautiful places to visit, so that even you may reach to those hidden places!