Introducing…Mr Silveronika!

Hello dear Silveronika followers! I am the guy ‘Miss Silveronika’ keeps talking about. Let’s call myself Mr Silveronika. I would be penning down my thoughts on my better half’s canvas.

Little bit about me- I am a crazy digital entrepreneur, I have been in and around the technology, startups and wildly growing tech business for almost 7 years. Started out quite early in life at the age of 13 as a tech blogger, I still do write for a tech publication. Been in different shoes since then. Tried my hands with programming, wrote some J2ME apps back in 2008-09, bartered them for latest gadgets. I was fond of building custom Android ROMs, kernels, bootloaders. Started a IT service and consultancy when most of you were in senior school, made big bucks, spent all the bucks. Made spectacular mistakes at very early age. Got in a undergrad school – dropped out of undergrad school. Since 2014, my mind is obsessed with building a product company, the next big thing! I built 2 half baked product companies since then, failed big time. I carry priceless learning lessons with me. Right now I am onto building another product company. Certainly not repeating the mistakes made in past. Quite positively this will fly off!

I am a philanthropist in my own way. I keep sharing knowledge and learnings. Distribution of what is lacking in the world today. We have enough people with wealth and donation funds. Apart from all this, I am a nomad motorcycle traveler. It’s a passion, it’s something that I absolutely have to do and I could never imagine not doing it. Traveling on motorbike is part of who I am and what I want to be. For me, it is filter for the brain. It is a high, it’s a good high. There is nothing that connects me in that special way to an environment. Most of my long tours are with Miss Silveronika. Motorcycle tours blend our souls and perfect moments together.

I have learnt the life in hard way. I have made good money, I have lost the good sum. Made bad investment decisions. Made some foolish expenses too. I have learnt the value of time, money, expertise and the right set of motivation in a hard way. I believe that, you can only keep what you give away. My approach to life is to share the knowledge, my learning lessons with as many people as I can. Lot of people have hoard mentality to keep. Be it wealth, knowledge or information. I am not one of them. I genuinely feel that one must appreciate things and put them out there in the world. If you want more support, you need more approach. life is simple as weighing machine. Life is a journey, it’s not about the outcome. If you start looking out for the horizon and mountain top, you will never be satisfied. Cheer a drink or two at the milestones and keep moving. I have learnt that, wherever you are today in your life journey, embrace it. Bring the level of appreciation and gratitude. I write in with mind flow, most of my writing is unstructured. I Dream, I Think, I Feel and I Write! Never fail to DREAM. Through my writing, I wanna challenge you guys to live a bigger life and bigger goals.


Thank You!

– Mr Silveronika


Hey folks! I would love to post my first article on the amazing date of this ending year – 20.12.20 13 

Though I created this blog long ago, I really couldn’t find an appropriate occasion to post anything in my busy medical schedule. I find today is the perfect day to inaugurate my blog – Silveronika. 

To begin with, I would love to give you a clue about the hidden meaning behind this name – Silveronika! Well, it’s a combination of my name and my love’s. You’ll come to know about the details with passing time! 😉 

I’m first year dental student who is quite interested in writing, mostly poetries and articles related to anything and everything. Along with writing, I love travelling and photography. Exploring all the hidden and isolated places on this globe is one of my craziest dreams. Rest of my time is occupied by my bulky dental books!! 

So, in a nutshell, I’m gonna post poems, articles, my travelling experiences and beautiful places to visit, so that even you may reach to those hidden places!