Traveling Without Her!

Been a long time since the last post. Many pending tasks in my to-do list. I turned 21 in the last month. Ms Silveronika gave me a grand birthday surprise. I will take my own sweet time to write about the whole birthday bash.

It’s a sunny day here. I am off to Goa, on a business trip. Writing this post from airport waiting lounge. I might finish it by end of the day. First thing that strikes me is, this is a business trip. Who in the world travels to Goa on business!

Another thing that’s hurting me since the day this trip was planned is, I am traveling without my better half. To most, it may not be a big deal but, not the same case here. I and Ms Silveroika started exploring our quench for travel together. We developed the love for traveling and nurtured it together. We explore new places, new roads, new people and we explore eachother at new people. It’s amusing how you get to learn new things about your loved one at new places. We both are great fan of water body. Specially sea water and beach. One reason could be, easily accessible location. We live in 100 km radius of sea. Visiting a beach is just 3 hours by road for us.

Traveling reminds me of romance. We are darn too romantic, like cheesy romantic when we are backpacking. I like it, she likes it and we don’t give fuck to rest of the world. In a world where marriages crumble away quicker than ever, relationships rarely last longer than a few months and lovers fuck each other with a mindless, animal lust, but hardly ever make love to each other – romance is all but dead. We make love, every single time, it’s never been an animal lust attraction. We consider ourselves lucky and feel great about it. 

I am staying in a luxury resort here. Materialistic things sure are attractive, at the first sight at least. Although the attraction has never lasted for more than couple of hours but, I get in a zone and reimagine the whole situation with Ms Silveronika in it. Some people envy by materialistic luxury, some people enjoy the materialistic luxury, I get inspired by the materialistic luxury. I see a couple enjoying in the jacuzzi pool and feel inspired, not jealous. Time to sign off.


The Chemistry…Her Smile!

Have you ever got drunk with someone’s words? Feeling the ache while consuming them? Words crawling into your heart compressing it and squeezing. Not necessarily the purpose but, like a consequence. Have you ever gotten lost in someone’s eyes? Like they are some blue sky or ocean and you long for it and once they are yours, you just sink in it, ‘till they stop staring at you’? Have you ever been in a such brutal love bond? It becomes a shield in reality. You can feel it, touch it and yet, you yearn for more…

Love is a funny thing you know. If you have ever experienced this level of love, you are a lucky one. I, sincerely, believe that both me and miss silveronika are! We feel blessed, it’s how I feel right now. Drunk, lost & in love!

Someone asked me long back, ‘What’s do you like the most in her?’ I answered, ‘her smile’. Making her smile..Somehow, it’s my favorite thing to do. The simple act of affinity means the entire world to me. I can descry her smile and laughter. The sound made by joy mingled with an impulse. When my eye catches her cheeks upturning and blushing, it gives me eternal happiness. Simple…Artless…Unintentional!

‘What’s so special about her?’ She makes me see things I wouldn’t see alone. She makes my heart and soul smile. Just watching her upturning cheeks and my love for her is returned, equally! Physically we are some distance apart from each other. Distance is just a word now, not a war. I commit my soul to her, intrepidly. Distance is just a choice I make everyday because, she makes my soul smile and heart blossom with joy. That equally applies to her as well. That’s why we are together. I am counting the hours till I get to see her. Again and again! I see her when I close my eyes, she kissing the crinkles in her eyes when she smiles at me. For me, I am her poet and she is my poem. I love us!


– Mr Silveronika


Are we really independent?


India is celebrating its 68th independence day. People all around country are ultra-happy and celebrated the big day with a great zeal. People salute flag proudly and endure India’s culture and heritage. Each and every person looks up to the tiranga with pride and joy. “Unity in diversity” is the slogan practiced here. Our national anthem is being sung with enthusiasm and there’s respect in people’s heart for all those freedom fighters who gave up their everything – interests, family, self-respect, honour, LIFE to make this land free. Free of slavery, free of dictators, free of pain, free of agony. Their efforts and sacrifices couldn’t be counted or divulged in words.

But you know what? All their efforts and sacrifices are gone in vain. Yes! You hear me right. Their efforts made our land free from British people but couldn’t vicissitude people’s mentality. India got independent as a whole, but we’re still not independent at an individual level. We are still incarcerated or maybe worse than that. In simpler words, we’re restricted in the name of independence. Nation wise, what progression has India made in these 68 years? What kind of modernism can we witness even after almost 7 decades of independence? Yeah, metropolitan cities have progressed towards modernization but that’s not enough to make an observable wallop. Let us consider, out of 1.2b of population, if 100m people have progressed towards modernization, it doesn’t count for even 10% of the total number. Thus, we learn that THERE IS PROGRESS, BUT TOO LESS TO CREATE AN IMPACT. Each and every individual need to move a step ahead. Every mind should revolutionize and adapt to the changing world. Let’s consider the case of ”Education for girls”. It started much before independence but still states like M.P, U.P, and Rajasthan practice the same thing of non-educating a girl or even female infanticide.  Kerala has a female literacy rate of about 86 percent, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have female literacy rates around 55-60 percentOut of the 24 states in India, 6 of them have female literacy rates of below 60 percent. The rural state Rajasthan has a female literacy rate of less than 12 percent. Even today girls are prophesied to stay at house and perform household chores. Even if they are educated, they’re the one who are expected to handle house along with other activities. Thus, the female child in India is often deprived from her right of an education. The number of girls dropping out of school far exceeds the boys because girls are expected to help at home, either with household work like washing and cooking or with taking care of younger siblings. Since girls spend more time performing domestic duties and this increases the gap between female and male equality in rural parts of India, it perpetuates the myth that education is of no help to the girl and her primary job will be to look after the household work, get married early, have children and then raise them. If this is the job she has to do, then education is of no importance to her and it is not imparted. Also, even with education and financial independence, women might not get the same rights and liberties which a man may have. It is through education in the early days of a child that we can bring about behaviour changes and open doors to opportunities that will enhance their confidence, personality, and career.

The root of this discrimination starts from the very beginning. The moment she is born, she is raised in such a way that she wouldn’t even dare to think out of the box. She is trained the way so that she’ll accept the society and their rules around her. The creativity and the freedom to think or speech is killed much before maturity. Thus an illusion of “everything-going-on-is-right” created. And so, even if one tries to change their mindset, they do not concede with it. Preeminent thing is they’re not let free to think, realize and explore the things they love. That doesn’t exclude boys too. Moment the child is born, parents decide his/her career and expect their progeny to follow it unheeding children’s interests. Parents in India design the whole path for their children, thinking that they are simplifying things for them. But in actual, they’re not only spoon-feeding them but also ruining their creativity and talent. If we compare Indian teen’s lifestyle with the US teens, we get to know that there’s a lot of idiosyncrasy. At the end of second decade of life, children are provided with sufficient amount and are led free. Free like birds. They could migrate anywhere, choose any vocation they love, choose any lifestyle they wanna follow and even worship any holy thing they believe in. This way they totally understand what they actually want in their lives and chase their dreams accordingly. Comparing to Indian students, half of the population pursue a certain career just because it was their parents’ dream and it made their parents happy. What about the unhappiness and dilemma created in that child’s mind? The pressure sometimes exceeds beyond limit and students prefer committing suicide. There shouldn’t be any kind of emotional aatyacharas well which bind children emotionally and refrains him/her to express their feelings or needs. Also, “MORE THE RESTRICTIONS ARE APPLIED, MORE THE CURIOSITY INCREASES”.

Another thing which adds up to the degression is “people-bothering-people”. When the creativity is killed in childhood, students end up passing all their time in gossiping and chit-chatting about others. They keep interfering in each other’s lives and mocking them. If someone thinks out of the box and comes up with new ideas, people around get jealous, and so make fun of him/her and shut that individual down. This leads to so much of depression in that particular individual that never again will he dare to think out. Particularly, in case of a girl, the quizzicality is much more. If she is more social and has a huge friend circle, involving a noticeable number of guys, she will be called a slut. Even after 18, she has to lead a life controlled by her parents, teachers and to your surprise younger male siblings. This shows the power of male dominance. Leaving behind education, even one’s personal life here, is controlled my parents.

One is not allowed to date freely. Children have to hide about their lover from their parents. And few of them don’t wanna date because they think that it is not moral. They’re so pressurized by religious teachings that they think they have no right to date or choose their spouse. Their mentality is mould in such a way that they’ll adjust with any strange spouse their parents choose. In some states, couple actually look at each other after the marriage ceremony! How odd is that! Few days ago when I asked a girl why isn’t she dating anyone, she said I’m not interested. Our conversation somewhat went like this:

“Don’t you have any attractions”, asked I.

“Nothing such. I do have”, replied she.

“Then where’s the problem?”

“This isn’t our age. Why are parents for? Moreover it’s parents’ job to look out for a guy. I’ll marry the one they choose. Then why to date now?”

I was stunned by her reply. She’s 19 and has attraction. She knows she loves someone but couldn’t dare to even think of dating (because it’s a crime according to her childhood manners). Thus we see how impacted these thoughts are in her mind. In the same manner, all the thoughts are dumped and impacted so that the child won’t think anything of his own. And the one who overcome these impaction and tries exploring new things is discarded and isolated. But yet, the one will willpower and hope ignores all these isolation and progresses to the maximum. He not only attains eternal happiness but also improves the lives of his future generation and leads them. He becomes the source of inspiration and motivation and the cause of change. A BIG CHANGE. PROGRESSIVE CHANGE.


When even genes mutate and change with evolution, why can’t we change our mentality and adapt to the fast-changing world? Today we laugh at the stupid Sati system which used to be seriously followed few years ago. We would definitely not want our future generations to laugh at our stupid restricted life style and blame us for not contributing to the development of the nation. “ADAPTATION IS HEALTHIER AND A MUST”, quoted Darwin, which not only applies to the theory of evolution but also to our daily lives. Let’s change the way we think, the way we react to things, the way we look upon things and that will change the way we live. This will open doors to many worthy things and our nation will progress right from an individual level and then and only we will be independent. Totally independent in all the aspects.


         So, this time I thought of writing about my sweetheart. To describe him and express how much do I love him. We have completed three beautiful years of togetherness and I feel like nothing before. True love is the greatest feeling and the only thing, I think one really need to live happily and satisfactorily.

So, first question, what is love? Or what is true love?

Different people have different answers. Some says it’s when he’ll do anything for her, ignoring everything while others say it’s when he spends lavishly on her. Nowadays, many girls say that they want a guy who’ll keep her happy, doesn’t matter whether he’s wealthy or not. But what happens the next? What after marrying him in that zeal and excitement? What after you have kids and still low on cash? What after a decade of marriage? Is that love, heat and enthusiasm the same? Will the definition of love still remain the same? Will still “wealth-doesn’t-matter” condition be the same, even when you see your friends or neighbours enjoying their lives royally with loads of money, while your children will be offered second hand textbooks? What will be your reaction then?
Anyways, coming back to the present time. Some says they want a pretty, beautiful partner. He/She should look good.
   “She should have a waist like Deepika and lips like Katrina”
   “He should have a body like Salman and personality like Ranveer or humour like Ranbir”
There’s always a comparison, mostly with film actors or with sportsmen. Or billionaires.
   “He should have a Kawasaki Ninja and a bungalow in Juhu”
   “She should be good in bed with a mind blowing figure”
     These all are common things we sense around us and the demands we hear. It’s no odd phenomenon that okay-looking people are ignored or the one who are not fluent with English are not considered. No one thinks how out of the water they might be feeling. What about those people then? Can’t they be loved? Can’t they give love? Don’t they have hearts? Why do we keep running after good looks and wealth?

Love is an indescribable feeling which feels you with utmost energy. It can’t be seen or heard. It’s just felt and the couple engaged, feels concomitant. It’s no less than a miracle. It’s a heavenly thing which takes you to a complete different world. It brings the best out of you and actually let you explore yourself inside out. Each and every moment of life glows and brightens you up. You feel invariably happy all the time and it’s like a totally perfect life. The basic line is it makes you feel HAPPY. What to expect more from life?

I would love to share a mail he sent me, regarding love. I find that it completely describes what love actually is : INSPIRATION.

There’s one trait that I continuously find myself coming back to when it comes to dating: inspiration.

I don’t really care how you spend your time. I mean I hope you have hobbies, and it’d be cool if we have some in common, but as long as you spend your time doing things you enjoy, that’s cool with me. I don’t really care about your education. Do I hope you have one? Absolutely, that’s important to me. But I understand that it isn’t for everyone. Do I care about your job? Nah. But please, please, have a job that you enjoy doing. That’s all.

I really should reiterate. Because I DO care. I care about each and every aspect of you, even the ones I don’t always want to care about or the aspects you wish I wouldn’t care about. I care to know you — and knowing you involves all of those finite details previously mentioned. What I’m saying is that you’ll deviate from what I always envisioned. You won’t have every characteristic I always thought that I wanted in a woman. And that’s okay. But there’s one thing I need from you — one thing I really, truly value: I need you to inspire me.

Inspiration in its simplest form, really. I want you to inspire me to be a better person. To push myself — in my career, in my education, in my beliefs, culture, and values. I want you to inspire me to try things I always said I wouldn’t. To read books I never thought I’d like, to go to a place I never wanted to visit, to eat a food I always swore off. I want you to inspire me to be better. Every day. Because although self-motivation is important, sometimes our steam just runs out. Sometimes we need a person running alongside us, telling us we can keep going, that we can cross that finish line.

And I want to inspire you, too. I want to be able to push you. To stretch your limits and make you step outside of your comfort zone. Because inspiration is like a weed when you have the right amount. It grows wildly and quickly, and spreads throughout the surface. When it works, when it really works, we feed off of each other. We make each other better. We consistently try new things and pursue higher heights. That’s…well, that’s inspirational.

And that’s what I hope for. Maybe it’s a bit far-reaching but maybe it really isn’t at all.

Is that not the epitome of every healthy relationship? It’s a loose term: inspiration (and it’s largely open to interpretation). But think about it. Think of some important traits when you envision the perfect relationship: couples who love each other, who try new things together, who make time for each other, who put each other first, who listen to each other, who push each other. And now think about inspiration. What does inspiration make you do? Does it make you care? Love? Push harder and further? Depending on the situation, it certainly does.

Inspiration makes us better. Inspiration makes us want to do something. It moves our emotions, our intellect, our behavior. And is that not what every relationship needs? We need to be influenced to feel happiness and love, influenced to deeply care for someone other than ourselves, influenced to better ourselves while we better those around us. Quite frankly, that sounds pretty healthy to me.

So that’s all I want. And it encompasses so very, very, much, that one little word. Inspiration. 11 letters, 4 syllables, and a different meaning for every person walking this earth. But there’s someone out there — maybe you’ve already found them or maybe you’re still looking — but there’s someone walking around with a bottle of inspiration ready to swirl and mix with your own. To create that perfect recipe that leaves us with a sweet taste in our mouth and a warm feeling in our heart.

Fill your jar. Screw that lid on tight. And unleash that beauty when you’re good and ready.

Be inspired. Inspire others. Our world could use a bit more of that. ”

Well, this makes a lot of sense and describes what love is and how it is meant to be! Love isn’t just a physical attraction but a real deep mental connection, merging two souls together. It’s not just limited to looks, money or any materialistic thing, but beyond that. Way beyond.


         “Can I please show the remaining experiment next time sir?”, said I, starring at his dull mood. Without bothering to look up, he kept correcting the other journals and gave me a mere nod. I pleaded him twice more , when finally he looked straight into my eyes and said, “Okay”.
          I had never seen such a face of his. He looked too dull and tired. It felt like he’s going through an agony, which is eating him up. All the days during the course, he used to be ultra happy, charming, delighted and full of life. And now, he looked like a fish out of water. I thought that the burning summer has sucked his energy out of him and may be that’s why he looked lifeless. But I strongly felt that the sun had no role in the picture. A glimpse of his charming look flashed through my eyes and I couldn’t control myself from asking him the reason of his ennui. As he had always been like a friend, I gathered all my courage and started with a normal conversation.
“Which day shall I come, sir?”
     “Tuesday will be fine.”
“What time will you be here, sir?”
     “I won’t be there. Show it to Ganesh sir.”

Ganesh sir is a tall, builded man with a caramel complexion . He always wore a pair of high heeled Woodland shoes and a large fastrack watch. With bold face, he always wore a stern look. He guided other batch and was too strict about completion. He would take no longer to give a LATE remark for a single day late. Even a girl’s tears couldn’t stop him from giving a red, bold and large fonted LATE remark.

Feared of getting a late remark, I questioned, “When will you come, sir?”
    “I won’t be coming”, said sir.
Unable to interpret the situation, I questioned, “Means? Why won’t you be coming?”
             I couldn’t stand on my feet when he revealed, “I’m leaving the institution!”

      I was DUMBSTRUCK and stood there like a fool. I was too shocked to utter a single word. Various emotions started flowing through my mind in such a vigorous velocity like water flows from a full filled dam. My eyes widened up and ears became numb. I kept starring him in surprise and he couldn’t help. Any of the external noise didn’t reach my tympanic membrane and I felt as if I grew deaf. Only thing I could hear was his sweet voice and laughter, which my brain had recorded in the past. It felt like earth has stopped revolving, clock has stopped moving, breeze has stopped flowing, the beautiful morning was no more beautiful and was turning into a horrifying one!

“Hey, hey, hey! “, exclaimed he and I came back to my senses. It was then when I saw his face. It had turned more dull and I could see he was having a difficult time, controlling his emotions and to face me. After fifteen minutes of complete silence, I made my way to move. It actually wasn’t silence. We didn’t have any verbal communication, but were talking continuously through eyes! My eyes described the pain and his eyes were saying how sorry he was. I could no longer ask him anything and left the cold room.

*10 minutes later*
I and my gfs were sitting in cafeteria. They were having South Indian and I was having pain. I wasn’t able to take part in any of their conversations and felt like a fish out of water. On being asked, when I started describing my feelings, they began to tickle. Maybe they didn’t understand my pain. Maybe they had never gone through this phase. Maybe they never felt this type of enormous true love, unconditional feeling and respect for any teacher. Apparently, even I was feeling all this for first time. Neither had I felt such, nor I thought I would ever feel such.

Slowly, I started thinking sanely and thought of gifting  him something and bid with a proper goodbye. The happening was inevitable and one gotta think positively. He was gonna leave in half an hour and I had no time to make something unique. And so, I tore a page off my notebook and started scribbling a letter.

It was a combination of both personal and professional format and went like this –

     Subject : A confession from your admirer.
   Respected sir,
It came as a great shock to me when you said that this is the last day of yours in this institution. I won’t exaggerate but I literally couldn’t control and bursted into tears.

Before you leave, I wanna confess few things sir. You are the best sir I’ve ever come across in my life, especially for biochemistry. BIOCHEMISTRY is the one which has never been my cup of tea, but only because of your graceful teaching, I started liking it. You literally changed my vision towards this subject, which filled me with lot of interest for this subject. The only lecture you took for our class was DETOXIFICATION and I really wish I could get more of it. Your teaching have always been flawless and the topic gets stuck into the mind once you teach.

I would really consider myself to be very very lucky to learn so much of things under your brilliant guidance. You’ve really been a guide, philosopher and a good friend throughout the course. I even feel very good for the students, whom you’ll come across in future and distribute the enormous knowledge you have.

Lastly, I would like to wish you all the best and a very happy journey.
Thanks a lot sir. We’ll miss you.”

I starred my watch and learnt that I was running late. I didn’t want to miss this chance. In no time, I grabbed my bag and accelerated towards the medical school. Somehow avoided dashing here and there, I finally stepped in staffroom. To my luck, he was alone in there, almost leaving. I gushed inside the room like a wind and obstructed him from leaving. After 5 long minutes of tachydyspnea, I handled the letter to him. He kept looking at me in shock.

“What is this?”, asked he.

“All my feelings poured on a piece of paper, please accept sir”, lamented me.

He took it and opened it eagerly. No longer did he read the subject, then a drop of tear fell off his eyes and hit my letter. THAT WAS THE MOMENT! UNFORGETTABLE. UNRESISTABLE.
I found that he didn’t dare to read the whole of it with me standing in front of me, neither was I that strong to face that extra sentimental situation and bear the bitter truth of his departure.

“Omg! I umm I ah I’m really too glad and thankful to you. This will be with me forever”, expressed he with dewy-eyes.

“Yeah. Thanks a lot sir. Thanks for everything” , said I, shedding few drops of tears.

It was a situation where both of us knew that the change is inevitable, yet unwilling to accept the truth. Yet unable to move on. Yet sinking in the sea of pain. Yet waiting for some miracle to occur. Yet standing there. Yet! Yet! Yet! Sometimes it’s really so darn difficult to accept things and to move on. That moment I was reminded about “Nothing is permanent” and all such philosophical things.

That was the last time I had a vision of his.

Short-statured, ambrosial, appealing, charming, captivating, cute, lovable, savvy, adorable, amiable, cheerful, and a learned person is the impression of his and the only thing which he left with me while leaving.

P.S. – Devoted to
          Dr Gururaj, MD,
          Department of biochemistry.


         Different people have different priorities, different reasons which make their day, different reasons to be happy. My reason for being happy is smile! What can be more beautiful than your smile??
         When you smile, if feels like whole of galaxy has charmed up. Your smile enlightens the worst moods and spread happiness. It’s the most beautiful thing you can ever wear on your face.
         Ever wonder why are we always asked to smile in photos? Because people usually look their best—and happiest—when smiling. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 96 percent of American adults believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to members of the opposite sex. (So the next time you are about to ask someone on a date, smile. It’ll make them feel happier and you’ll already be more attractive in her eyes. 😉 )
         Talking about your smile, it is what grounds me; it stabilizes and makes me feel more in control every day. It reminds me that, despite the fast pace of life, I must always remember to be happy and appreciate the little things in life. It helps me overcome times of fear, anxiety and nervousness and helps me express to others my proudest moments. Sometimes, when you speak no words, a smile is all that is needed to fill the air which blossoms the atmosphere.
         The smile is a universal sign of happiness. I believe it is the ultimate connection between all humankind. No matter how big or small, if a smile is genuine it creates an ineffable feeling in the atmosphere. I believe in the power of a smile to make the saddest of circumstances a little better. I believe in the power of a smile to enrich the happiest experiences in life. I believe in the power of a smile to transcend all barriers between individuals and to create special moments in life, same like you’ve done in my life. It’s the greatest power. GREATEST.



You just didn’t gift me a watch,
But brought me whole lot of good time.

You just didn’t get me a brand  “Fastrack”,
But literally fastened me on the right track.

Pearls attached on it, aren’t just an element,
But the reflection of my shining  life!

The belt isn’t just a black strap,
But the absorber of all the bad radiations.

The five upheaved points on it, aren’t just a part of design,
But like a panchabhuta for me!

The fast running pink coloured seconds hand,
Encourages me to run, and get myself pink!

And lastly,
The shining SILVER border of it,
Reminds me of you everytime;
Assuring that you’re there with me,
Each and every moment.

It’s not just a watch,
But more than that!



dapoliWhat can be more fun than going on a short lovely trip on your lover’s birthday?
And so, it was his 19th, and we decided to go to North Maharashtra. We packed our bags, rested our ass and geared up our beast, R15. Our journey started from a small town in western Maharashtra, and we went towards North. Halting at one dhaba we had our lunch. Delicious Makke di roti and Sarso da saag was was served by that roadside dhaba. We always avoid rice while traveling as it induces sleep. We hit the road again at 4pm towards Dapoli, rightly known as the “Mahabaleshwar of Konkan”.

(Konkan is situated in the Western Ghats) As we were approaching Dapoli, temperature started decreasing eventually. Romance was filled in the air. With speed, excitement was accelerating and there was no bounds to our happiness. Finally we entered Dapoli, with fragrance of fish and sound of sea hitting the shore. It was around 6.30pm and sun was setting. Half of it was visible on the waters, with illusion of half being inside the sea. There was an orangish shade all along the beach with a reddish tinge. We stood there on beach, with hands intermingled, feeling the soft breeze hitting our face and disturbing our hair. We watched the sunset quietly, with a silent conversation. I was on the ninth cloud, feeling luckiest and I bet so was he. My faded low waist jeans got wet by increase in the velocity of waves, which pulled me out of my thoughts and I turned my face to his. Sun was about to set, and I could see his eyes twinkling due to orange rays. I bet, that was the most beautiful moment when I looked deep in his innocent, brown, amygdaliform eyes. Those were full of love, charm, happiness and joy. I wished him “happy birthday love” again, and he smiled joyfully. I went more closer to him, close enough not to see his face clearly. We could, now feel our warm breath amidst cold breeze. I close my eyes and our lips meet.

Sudden drop in temperature made us leave the beach and we headed towards Murud, 14kms from Dapoli, where our resort resided. He had pre-booked it as it was on-season. Murud is a very very small town, located almost on a beach. One high tsunami can sweep whole of it. We reached our resort at 7.30pm.
“Coconut Lagoon” was a beach-view resort, with tall and slender coconut trees all over. Soon after completing all the formalities, we headed towards our room. Sound of waves increased rapidly and our feet got full of sandy soil as we walked towards cottage. It was a mind blowing cottage situated amidst greenery with roof made up of coconut tree’s fibres. As I entered in, I was stunned to see beautiful electric lantern aside bed, which was glowing brightly. It sparkled the whole of room adding romance in the air. Bed was covered by plain white bedsheet with tomato red hearts on it. One wall was painted in dark red, while other three were of creamy colour. Roof was painted in white, with a small florescent light.
We both were amazed to see beauty in simplicity and felt heavenly. He decided to have a bath and I thought of resting my back for a while. He turned on the hot water tap which started filling huge transparent glass bathtub. Meanwhile, I saw that he forgot his towel, and so I bent over, to take out his towel from the bag. My loose red top slipped up and he saw the tattoo on my back. Yeah, it was a surprise. As I’m against those permanent tattoos, I had asked my gf to make a henna tattoo exactly above my butt line. It was a burning heart, and had become darkly brown. He saw it from distance and came running out of bathroom and insisted me to show it clearly. The moment I lifted my top, he grabbed my ass tight and pulled towards him. He kissed that burning heart gently and started moving upwards. Yeah, he turned on hard by that tattoo. (Yes! My plan had succeeded! :P) He then reached my neck, and I was turned on. I turned my side towards him and kissed him hard. Kisses progressed into smooching which further progressed to tongue-kissing, lip-eating and ear-kissing! Kissing, we rushed towards bed. Atmosphere was filled with intimacy. Love was at the highest peak, when we heard something flowing. Soon he realized that bathtub was overflowing and bathroom was full of steam. We both started laughing at our idiocy and decided to have a quick bathe. I wore a half jeans with loose light yellow top. He was in a sexy black denim with light green shirt. We moved towards the dining area of the resort, which was situated near the sea shore. Table and chairs were covered by a clean white cloth and a dim candle was lit up. Tired of having punjabi food, we ordered usal (misal like Maharashtrian dish), aloo mutter, few chapatis and steamed rice. Delicious dinner amidst nature added more beauty to the atmosphere. Post dinner, we had a short walk over beach, admiring nature’s beauty and creation. The beach was totally isolated and all we could see was water.
Time passes so fast when you’re with your loved ones. We started talking about our initial days of relationship. That struggle to get together and still how the things weren’t changed. I can still feel the butterflies in my stomach when he looks at me. I still get the goosebumps when he touches me. It’s been three years and still that sparkle is the same. It hasn’t faded at all, instead keeps increasing day by day.
While heading back to our room, we rested on swing tied between two coconut trees. I  laid in his arms and we kept starring at the sky. It was pournima (full moon) and moon was at it’s brightest phase. As sky was totally clear,uncountable stars were visible all over the sky. I, then, insisted to go back to the room. He advised me to proceed and he’ll be coming after a while. I quickly headed towards the room and locked it from inside. I had planned a small surprise for him. I had bought few candles and roses. I plucked all the petals out and placed from the door towards the bed and on the bed. I lit up all the candles and placed over the periphery. Took out his laptop  and copied the romantic playlist I had made, with huge effort with the help of my gfs and kept it ready to play. Beside the bed, I placed a greeting card, made by me using quilling art. I dressed myself in a silky cream coloured one-piece. After switching off the lights, I called out for him to sleep. He knocked the room and found that it was pre-opened. Slowly, he pushed the door and was MOUTH STUBBED! I took his hand in mine and welcomed him. He walked over the rose petals in shock and was overjoyed! He kissed me on forehead and we moved towards the bed. He immediately noticed the greeting card and started to read it. I played the music and the atmosphere was enlightened. I had written a poem in it, expressing as how lucky I am for having him in my life and how nature had been so unnecessarily grateful to me.
He fell in love with my poem and appreciated it. First song on my playlist was “Pehla nasha, pehla khumar ; naya pyaar hai, naya intezaar”, which boosted us with loads of love. He slowly placed the greeting aside and took me in his arms. Embracing each other, we gently kissed. He caressed my hair and my cheeks. Slowly he cuped my face and kissed me hard. I rubbed my hands through his back. Next song was “Bheege hoth tere, pyasa dil mera” and  we got terribly high. I lied on the bed with him on my top. Kissing my neck, he moved down to my breasts. He unhooked my bra which laid underneath my one-piece. Every time I get impressed by this skill of his! He then undressed me totally and so did I to him. It was the most romantic and intimate love making ever!
Next morning, was even more beautiful than previous night! It was because I found myself nude, in his arms , wrapped up in a cozy blanket. That moment when you open your eyes and the first thing you see is your love. I just couldn’t take my eyes off his innocent face while he was deep asleep. I kept starring at him, till the mobile alarm triggered which awakened him! I felt so stupid for not turning it off last night. Anyways, now that he was wide awake, he caught me starring at him. He smiled and wished me with a good morning kiss. Our naked bodies were intermingled and I could feel the warmth of his love, even when the temperature outside was 9°C. Oh my god, how I wish I could wake up in his arms every morning. Later, we had a hot water shower together and got ready for the further activities. I dressed myself in yellow Hawaiian one-piece with colourful flowers on it. He wore a T-shirt with red and white checks and black shorts. For breakfast, we had steamy hot upma in resort and checked out with all the formalities. We then headed towards Murud beach, which was highly populated. It was full of children, adolescents and parents! We chose to have a speed boat ride and a banana ride. Later, we saw dolphins and did paragliding too. Unfortunately snorkeling department was closed. After having our bodies well tanned and clicking dozens of pics, we went to Dapoli for lunch. We had a good thali there, consisting of pure Maharashtrian pithala, potato’s sabji, chapati, waran bhant and yummiest solkadi. After three hours of shopping in Dapoli, we rode back towards home. This time, he was resting back and I rode. It was a beautiful journey and we reached my town by 7.30pm. Since it was Sunday, my mess was closed and we decided to have dinner in hotel kasturi. It lies at the backyard of my hostel. We ordered hot tomato soup, butter naan and veg handi. Well, it was delicious but not more than Konkan. He then dropped me at my hostel and headed towards his home.
Well, end of one more beautiful trip.




In thy shelter,thee lay;
Thou walk there in a spiny way,
Struggling hard and hard each day,
Just to get thee by thy bay,
In thy shelter,thee lay;
They say nothing is difficult to gain,
If it’s mixed up with some pain,
And then shall we leave in our train,
In thy shelter,thee lay;
I’ll stick to you and you’ll hold on me,
While they’ll be amazed to see,
That our love is deeper than a sea,
In thy shelter,thee lay!


Hey folks! I would love to post my first article on the amazing date of this ending year – 20.12.20 13 

Though I created this blog long ago, I really couldn’t find an appropriate occasion to post anything in my busy medical schedule. I find today is the perfect day to inaugurate my blog – Silveronika. 

To begin with, I would love to give you a clue about the hidden meaning behind this name – Silveronika! Well, it’s a combination of my name and my love’s. You’ll come to know about the details with passing time! 😉 

I’m first year dental student who is quite interested in writing, mostly poetries and articles related to anything and everything. Along with writing, I love travelling and photography. Exploring all the hidden and isolated places on this globe is one of my craziest dreams. Rest of my time is occupied by my bulky dental books!! 

So, in a nutshell, I’m gonna post poems, articles, my travelling experiences and beautiful places to visit, so that even you may reach to those hidden places!