Small incidences can teach you great lessons if you see the incident from a great point of view. It’s like creating big influence from a small thing. A SMALL BIG. This thing matters more, especially when you are a leader. A leader got to have a proper understanding of things and more than that, he should be able to convey his opinions and message to his colleagues and make them understand the right point.

A similar incident happened today. I, being the CR was called up in office to take class’ decision regarding which exam to be conducted first as per everyone’s convenience. The subject ma’am wanted to shuffle between exam A and exam B. She had a point in shuffling and even I was convinced. When proposing the same to the class, the whole of it began to revolt in a terrific manner. They wanted no change and wished for the same timetable. This was because they had to do some initial preparations for the exam B and they needed some more time, which would have not been possible if exam B was kept first following by exam A. But the people in class were ignoring the big picture. After five minutes of thinking and study, I was definitely confirmed that class is doing a mistake and tried to show the class, my and ma’am point of view. This made a few people come by my side and agree with the decision. I waited for ten more minutes and requested them to rethink about their decisions. But as expected, majority of them wanted no change and told me to convey the same to ma’am. In rage, ma’am agreed with the class decision unhappily and increased the portion too!

Well, this is a really very small incident and many people would forget about it soon. All of them are just thinking about the exams and how to cover up the given syllabus. But my thoughts are just not limited to the exams but extend till leadership and the quality a leader should have. Half of the class is blaming ma’am whereas half of the class is blaming the remaining class for choosing a wrong decision. But I blame myself and I’m the only person to do so. The reasons behind it are quite simple. According to me, I’m just not a messenger between ma’am and class but also the leader. Where I went wrong is in conveying my mentality to the class and making them changer their decisions on their own. I was definitely right with the decision my mind made but couldn’t convince class.

A leader should have a quality of expressing both the sides of the coin to his people and make them think right. People tend to make mistakes and make long decisions with short mentality but there always is a leader that brings them down on to the right path and lead them towards happiness. A permanent and an eternal happiness. This leads to gain of more respect and also trust of people. They start feeling safe in their leader’s arms and eventually they start him trusting blindly. Of course, a true leader would never lead them to the wrong path even when the people trust him blindly. That’s how a leader should be. This is what I learn and conclude, A SMALL BIG.



         So, this time I thought of writing about my sweetheart. To describe him and express how much do I love him. We have completed three beautiful years of togetherness and I feel like nothing before. True love is the greatest feeling and the only thing, I think one really need to live happily and satisfactorily.

So, first question, what is love? Or what is true love?

Different people have different answers. Some says it’s when he’ll do anything for her, ignoring everything while others say it’s when he spends lavishly on her. Nowadays, many girls say that they want a guy who’ll keep her happy, doesn’t matter whether he’s wealthy or not. But what happens the next? What after marrying him in that zeal and excitement? What after you have kids and still low on cash? What after a decade of marriage? Is that love, heat and enthusiasm the same? Will the definition of love still remain the same? Will still “wealth-doesn’t-matter” condition be the same, even when you see your friends or neighbours enjoying their lives royally with loads of money, while your children will be offered second hand textbooks? What will be your reaction then?
Anyways, coming back to the present time. Some says they want a pretty, beautiful partner. He/She should look good.
   “She should have a waist like Deepika and lips like Katrina”
   “He should have a body like Salman and personality like Ranveer or humour like Ranbir”
There’s always a comparison, mostly with film actors or with sportsmen. Or billionaires.
   “He should have a Kawasaki Ninja and a bungalow in Juhu”
   “She should be good in bed with a mind blowing figure”
     These all are common things we sense around us and the demands we hear. It’s no odd phenomenon that okay-looking people are ignored or the one who are not fluent with English are not considered. No one thinks how out of the water they might be feeling. What about those people then? Can’t they be loved? Can’t they give love? Don’t they have hearts? Why do we keep running after good looks and wealth?

Love is an indescribable feeling which feels you with utmost energy. It can’t be seen or heard. It’s just felt and the couple engaged, feels concomitant. It’s no less than a miracle. It’s a heavenly thing which takes you to a complete different world. It brings the best out of you and actually let you explore yourself inside out. Each and every moment of life glows and brightens you up. You feel invariably happy all the time and it’s like a totally perfect life. The basic line is it makes you feel HAPPY. What to expect more from life?

I would love to share a mail he sent me, regarding love. I find that it completely describes what love actually is : INSPIRATION.

There’s one trait that I continuously find myself coming back to when it comes to dating: inspiration.

I don’t really care how you spend your time. I mean I hope you have hobbies, and it’d be cool if we have some in common, but as long as you spend your time doing things you enjoy, that’s cool with me. I don’t really care about your education. Do I hope you have one? Absolutely, that’s important to me. But I understand that it isn’t for everyone. Do I care about your job? Nah. But please, please, have a job that you enjoy doing. That’s all.

I really should reiterate. Because I DO care. I care about each and every aspect of you, even the ones I don’t always want to care about or the aspects you wish I wouldn’t care about. I care to know you — and knowing you involves all of those finite details previously mentioned. What I’m saying is that you’ll deviate from what I always envisioned. You won’t have every characteristic I always thought that I wanted in a woman. And that’s okay. But there’s one thing I need from you — one thing I really, truly value: I need you to inspire me.

Inspiration in its simplest form, really. I want you to inspire me to be a better person. To push myself — in my career, in my education, in my beliefs, culture, and values. I want you to inspire me to try things I always said I wouldn’t. To read books I never thought I’d like, to go to a place I never wanted to visit, to eat a food I always swore off. I want you to inspire me to be better. Every day. Because although self-motivation is important, sometimes our steam just runs out. Sometimes we need a person running alongside us, telling us we can keep going, that we can cross that finish line.

And I want to inspire you, too. I want to be able to push you. To stretch your limits and make you step outside of your comfort zone. Because inspiration is like a weed when you have the right amount. It grows wildly and quickly, and spreads throughout the surface. When it works, when it really works, we feed off of each other. We make each other better. We consistently try new things and pursue higher heights. That’s…well, that’s inspirational.

And that’s what I hope for. Maybe it’s a bit far-reaching but maybe it really isn’t at all.

Is that not the epitome of every healthy relationship? It’s a loose term: inspiration (and it’s largely open to interpretation). But think about it. Think of some important traits when you envision the perfect relationship: couples who love each other, who try new things together, who make time for each other, who put each other first, who listen to each other, who push each other. And now think about inspiration. What does inspiration make you do? Does it make you care? Love? Push harder and further? Depending on the situation, it certainly does.

Inspiration makes us better. Inspiration makes us want to do something. It moves our emotions, our intellect, our behavior. And is that not what every relationship needs? We need to be influenced to feel happiness and love, influenced to deeply care for someone other than ourselves, influenced to better ourselves while we better those around us. Quite frankly, that sounds pretty healthy to me.

So that’s all I want. And it encompasses so very, very, much, that one little word. Inspiration. 11 letters, 4 syllables, and a different meaning for every person walking this earth. But there’s someone out there — maybe you’ve already found them or maybe you’re still looking — but there’s someone walking around with a bottle of inspiration ready to swirl and mix with your own. To create that perfect recipe that leaves us with a sweet taste in our mouth and a warm feeling in our heart.

Fill your jar. Screw that lid on tight. And unleash that beauty when you’re good and ready.

Be inspired. Inspire others. Our world could use a bit more of that. ”

Well, this makes a lot of sense and describes what love is and how it is meant to be! Love isn’t just a physical attraction but a real deep mental connection, merging two souls together. It’s not just limited to looks, money or any materialistic thing, but beyond that. Way beyond.


You just didn’t gift me a watch,
But brought me whole lot of good time.

You just didn’t get me a brand  “Fastrack”,
But literally fastened me on the right track.

Pearls attached on it, aren’t just an element,
But the reflection of my shining  life!

The belt isn’t just a black strap,
But the absorber of all the bad radiations.

The five upheaved points on it, aren’t just a part of design,
But like a panchabhuta for me!

The fast running pink coloured seconds hand,
Encourages me to run, and get myself pink!

And lastly,
The shining SILVER border of it,
Reminds me of you everytime;
Assuring that you’re there with me,
Each and every moment.

It’s not just a watch,
But more than that!