Small incidences can teach you great lessons if you see the incident from a great point of view. It’s like creating big influence from a small thing. A SMALL BIG. This thing matters more, especially when you are a leader. A leader got to have a proper understanding of things and more than that, he should be able to convey his opinions and message to his colleagues and make them understand the right point.

A similar incident happened today. I, being the CR was called up in office to take class’ decision regarding which exam to be conducted first as per everyone’s convenience. The subject ma’am wanted to shuffle between exam A and exam B. She had a point in shuffling and even I was convinced. When proposing the same to the class, the whole of it began to revolt in a terrific manner. They wanted no change and wished for the same timetable. This was because they had to do some initial preparations for the exam B and they needed some more time, which would have not been possible if exam B was kept first following by exam A. But the people in class were ignoring the big picture. After five minutes of thinking and study, I was definitely confirmed that class is doing a mistake and tried to show the class, my and ma’am point of view. This made a few people come by my side and agree with the decision. I waited for ten more minutes and requested them to rethink about their decisions. But as expected, majority of them wanted no change and told me to convey the same to ma’am. In rage, ma’am agreed with the class decision unhappily and increased the portion too!

Well, this is a really very small incident and many people would forget about it soon. All of them are just thinking about the exams and how to cover up the given syllabus. But my thoughts are just not limited to the exams but extend till leadership and the quality a leader should have. Half of the class is blaming ma’am whereas half of the class is blaming the remaining class for choosing a wrong decision. But I blame myself and I’m the only person to do so. The reasons behind it are quite simple. According to me, I’m just not a messenger between ma’am and class but also the leader. Where I went wrong is in conveying my mentality to the class and making them changer their decisions on their own. I was definitely right with the decision my mind made but couldn’t convince class.

A leader should have a quality of expressing both the sides of the coin to his people and make them think right. People tend to make mistakes and make long decisions with short mentality but there always is a leader that brings them down on to the right path and lead them towards happiness. A permanent and an eternal happiness. This leads to gain of more respect and also trust of people. They start feeling safe in their leader’s arms and eventually they start him trusting blindly. Of course, a true leader would never lead them to the wrong path even when the people trust him blindly. That’s how a leader should be. This is what I learn and conclude, A SMALL BIG.



Are we really independent?


India is celebrating its 68th independence day. People all around country are ultra-happy and celebrated the big day with a great zeal. People salute flag proudly and endure India’s culture and heritage. Each and every person looks up to the tiranga with pride and joy. “Unity in diversity” is the slogan practiced here. Our national anthem is being sung with enthusiasm and there’s respect in people’s heart for all those freedom fighters who gave up their everything – interests, family, self-respect, honour, LIFE to make this land free. Free of slavery, free of dictators, free of pain, free of agony. Their efforts and sacrifices couldn’t be counted or divulged in words.

But you know what? All their efforts and sacrifices are gone in vain. Yes! You hear me right. Their efforts made our land free from British people but couldn’t vicissitude people’s mentality. India got independent as a whole, but we’re still not independent at an individual level. We are still incarcerated or maybe worse than that. In simpler words, we’re restricted in the name of independence. Nation wise, what progression has India made in these 68 years? What kind of modernism can we witness even after almost 7 decades of independence? Yeah, metropolitan cities have progressed towards modernization but that’s not enough to make an observable wallop. Let us consider, out of 1.2b of population, if 100m people have progressed towards modernization, it doesn’t count for even 10% of the total number. Thus, we learn that THERE IS PROGRESS, BUT TOO LESS TO CREATE AN IMPACT. Each and every individual need to move a step ahead. Every mind should revolutionize and adapt to the changing world. Let’s consider the case of ”Education for girls”. It started much before independence but still states like M.P, U.P, and Rajasthan practice the same thing of non-educating a girl or even female infanticide.  Kerala has a female literacy rate of about 86 percent, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have female literacy rates around 55-60 percentOut of the 24 states in India, 6 of them have female literacy rates of below 60 percent. The rural state Rajasthan has a female literacy rate of less than 12 percent. Even today girls are prophesied to stay at house and perform household chores. Even if they are educated, they’re the one who are expected to handle house along with other activities. Thus, the female child in India is often deprived from her right of an education. The number of girls dropping out of school far exceeds the boys because girls are expected to help at home, either with household work like washing and cooking or with taking care of younger siblings. Since girls spend more time performing domestic duties and this increases the gap between female and male equality in rural parts of India, it perpetuates the myth that education is of no help to the girl and her primary job will be to look after the household work, get married early, have children and then raise them. If this is the job she has to do, then education is of no importance to her and it is not imparted. Also, even with education and financial independence, women might not get the same rights and liberties which a man may have. It is through education in the early days of a child that we can bring about behaviour changes and open doors to opportunities that will enhance their confidence, personality, and career.

The root of this discrimination starts from the very beginning. The moment she is born, she is raised in such a way that she wouldn’t even dare to think out of the box. She is trained the way so that she’ll accept the society and their rules around her. The creativity and the freedom to think or speech is killed much before maturity. Thus an illusion of “everything-going-on-is-right” created. And so, even if one tries to change their mindset, they do not concede with it. Preeminent thing is they’re not let free to think, realize and explore the things they love. That doesn’t exclude boys too. Moment the child is born, parents decide his/her career and expect their progeny to follow it unheeding children’s interests. Parents in India design the whole path for their children, thinking that they are simplifying things for them. But in actual, they’re not only spoon-feeding them but also ruining their creativity and talent. If we compare Indian teen’s lifestyle with the US teens, we get to know that there’s a lot of idiosyncrasy. At the end of second decade of life, children are provided with sufficient amount and are led free. Free like birds. They could migrate anywhere, choose any vocation they love, choose any lifestyle they wanna follow and even worship any holy thing they believe in. This way they totally understand what they actually want in their lives and chase their dreams accordingly. Comparing to Indian students, half of the population pursue a certain career just because it was their parents’ dream and it made their parents happy. What about the unhappiness and dilemma created in that child’s mind? The pressure sometimes exceeds beyond limit and students prefer committing suicide. There shouldn’t be any kind of emotional aatyacharas well which bind children emotionally and refrains him/her to express their feelings or needs. Also, “MORE THE RESTRICTIONS ARE APPLIED, MORE THE CURIOSITY INCREASES”.

Another thing which adds up to the degression is “people-bothering-people”. When the creativity is killed in childhood, students end up passing all their time in gossiping and chit-chatting about others. They keep interfering in each other’s lives and mocking them. If someone thinks out of the box and comes up with new ideas, people around get jealous, and so make fun of him/her and shut that individual down. This leads to so much of depression in that particular individual that never again will he dare to think out. Particularly, in case of a girl, the quizzicality is much more. If she is more social and has a huge friend circle, involving a noticeable number of guys, she will be called a slut. Even after 18, she has to lead a life controlled by her parents, teachers and to your surprise younger male siblings. This shows the power of male dominance. Leaving behind education, even one’s personal life here, is controlled my parents.

One is not allowed to date freely. Children have to hide about their lover from their parents. And few of them don’t wanna date because they think that it is not moral. They’re so pressurized by religious teachings that they think they have no right to date or choose their spouse. Their mentality is mould in such a way that they’ll adjust with any strange spouse their parents choose. In some states, couple actually look at each other after the marriage ceremony! How odd is that! Few days ago when I asked a girl why isn’t she dating anyone, she said I’m not interested. Our conversation somewhat went like this:

“Don’t you have any attractions”, asked I.

“Nothing such. I do have”, replied she.

“Then where’s the problem?”

“This isn’t our age. Why are parents for? Moreover it’s parents’ job to look out for a guy. I’ll marry the one they choose. Then why to date now?”

I was stunned by her reply. She’s 19 and has attraction. She knows she loves someone but couldn’t dare to even think of dating (because it’s a crime according to her childhood manners). Thus we see how impacted these thoughts are in her mind. In the same manner, all the thoughts are dumped and impacted so that the child won’t think anything of his own. And the one who overcome these impaction and tries exploring new things is discarded and isolated. But yet, the one will willpower and hope ignores all these isolation and progresses to the maximum. He not only attains eternal happiness but also improves the lives of his future generation and leads them. He becomes the source of inspiration and motivation and the cause of change. A BIG CHANGE. PROGRESSIVE CHANGE.


When even genes mutate and change with evolution, why can’t we change our mentality and adapt to the fast-changing world? Today we laugh at the stupid Sati system which used to be seriously followed few years ago. We would definitely not want our future generations to laugh at our stupid restricted life style and blame us for not contributing to the development of the nation. “ADAPTATION IS HEALTHIER AND A MUST”, quoted Darwin, which not only applies to the theory of evolution but also to our daily lives. Let’s change the way we think, the way we react to things, the way we look upon things and that will change the way we live. This will open doors to many worthy things and our nation will progress right from an individual level and then and only we will be independent. Totally independent in all the aspects.