Past : The inevitable phenomenon

The past never leaves you. It keeps haunting you. Trust me, it is so bad that in the middle of an ocean of happiness, it can hit you like a meteor and spread the heat of melancholy. It hits you so hard that it literally makes you collapse down. It can bring your positive energy to a negative scale. It can depress you like hell. It can make you forget all the happiness. Even the strongest person cannot get through it. It can make the wisest person feel dumb and strongest to feel weak. That’s the power of past. We say, forget the past and move on. Quotes like, don’t carry the burden of the past are highlighted. But when it hits you, hits you once in a blue moon, hits you so hard, so damn hard that you start shaking, trembling and fall upon the ground. It sucks the energy and all the capabilities out of you, so so bad that you cannot stand. Believe me, you literally cannot stand.

Few words touch your heart too badly. They hit on your chest like a bulldozer and takes you in a black-hole where you cannot escape. You have no freaking choice but surrender. Surrender to the situation, to the circumstances. We all make mistakes. Humans are supposed to make mistakes. As an individual, I think it’s our duty not to repeat the mistakes or dwell on somebody else’s mistakes. Already the person is sinking in his sorrow and by repeating the same words and torturing them isn’t moral. They have already learned lessons and can take no more of repetition and remainder of the past events. Live and let live. Bygones are bygones.

It makes you cry so hard. And sometimes not the incident but the words make you cry. Especially anything about Mr Sil. I know how people go blind in love. Because I feel the same. Mera hamsafar agar iss duniya mein naa rahe, toh mein jeete jee ka maru, alah kasam, hakikat mein mar jau. Apne aap. It feels like our hearts are connected like the teeth of gears. One stops, the counterpart stops. Everything stops. Beep.

Jesus bless.

– Ms Sil.

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