Daily Routine, Life & Beginning 2017


You get so busy and adapted in a┬ádaily routine that you literally forget to try something creative, out of the schedule, out of the box. And to my surprise, when you don’t have that schedule to follow, you just tend to sit blank. So blank that you can’t believe yourself. Yes, I’m talking my condition right now. As soon as I open my eyes, I need to get ready and rush for my college. We’re so occupied 8-4pm that no thought haunts me. But as soon as I get free at 4, I don’t understand what to do. I’ve been feeling such since a couple of weeks I guess. A while ago, I was at my friend’s place, who’s married to my professor. I was at her place for more than an hour and I couldn’t talk about any damn thing. This feeling kills inside. It’s like, sitting, thinking about nothing, scrolling down Facebook and Instagram in loops and feeling like a shit.
Thankfully, Mr Sil asked me to write something for the blog and I started doing some (I don’t understand what I’m writing) but at least some work. He’s the one who truly understands me and knows me more than I know myself. He exactly knows how to enlighten my mood and make me work. He has all the way to make feel creative all again. Well, I can be most probably wrong but I think I got a minor bipolar disorder. I mean I’ve never been such. Always did I keep myself engaged in some work, really innovative work. And now, writing some shit, staring out, and eating a lot of junk.
Me and He just had a beautiful trip to Matheran, a secluded (from vehicles) hill station. I gotta write about the trip and also about another grand 2000km roadtrip that we’ll be doing this weekend. You’re definitely gonna enjoy the details of the trip. Surprisingly, I feel like I’m gonna get back to writing. I SHOULD BE WRITING. IT’S ONE OF THE MOST PASSIONATE THINGS TO ME.

Happy New Year! Thanks.

– Ms Sil.

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