Entrepreneurship is like a bad girlfriend!

It’s been close to 2 years since I dropped out of grad school. I have accomplished much compared to what most people do in 2 years. I have been successful in formalizing the ground to tomorrow’s big tree. As soon as you are out of college, the one bug that bites you hard is, financial independency. And if you drop out, which more or less happens against parent’s wish in India; the bug bites you even harder. My case was different, I took 5 years to realize that I was born to be an entrepreneur and not, mug up for an entrance exam to get in prestigious engineering school.

I always believed that you should do things that you are good at. In case of most people, they spend way too many years of their lives trying to check boxes of things that they are “not” good at. I highly recommend auditing yourself and if you don’t have an empathy or EQ or IQ then, find somebody who does and let them tell you who you are. In early days of being an entrepreneur, you don’t get money to do what you love. What you do is, position yourself to succeed. If you are doing something else and you want to do something you love, you do it after hours.

I had this stable, secure freelance job that paid enough to make living. The company shut down day before yesterday. I don’t really mind. My investment in my next big thing has been made and the product is on it’s way. I was smart enough to create couple more easy cash flow by now. I am so all-in for entrepreneurship that I prefer the pain. I love the climb but, for me the step back is exciting. I love it when something goes wrong; it’s when I shine the most. But that’s not for everybody!

When it starts affecting your family, your loved ones; that’s when it gets nasty. To me, the way I handle things even the fewer days when I really struggle, I take a real step back and make pretend that I am on the road, riding somewhere into the horizon and I get killed by a truck. I know that’s very dark and I apologize but that’s really what I do. And I tell myself that I can make trillion dollars tomorrow, may be through bitcoin (if lucky enough) but if something happens to me or my loved one; it means nothing. And then it really wires me. What I do is, I put business in perspective. For me, it’s not really money; it’s my legacy. So I get hurt little bit more.

Entrepreneurship sucks – it’s lonely, it’s high risk, I can’t live without it but, it’s like a bad girlfriend. There are ton of bad days while living life of an entrepreneur. 98% of entrepreneurship ventures are ought to fail.

If you every pay attention to what Steve Jobs does while giving a keynote; he is storytelling the whole way and then it’s a big hit. If you understand the consumer once, then you backtrack and you tell the story to get them emotionally there and that’s how you sell things. That’s marketing. There’s very big difference between marketing and sales.

Emotional Quotient is going to dominate the businesses over the next decade. The ability to manipulate the emotional engagement with the products and brands is going to be the game. I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to experiment and learn part of it in last few years.

I believe that, the ability to adjust is the entire game. My ability to be comfortable in the massive chaos has been my biggest asset as an entrepreneur. I realized this way too early in life that, you need to bet on your strengths and not give a fuck about what you suck at.


– Mr Sil.

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